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We are a team of professional web designers and developers based in Brisbane. We produce highend websites for small business to large corporate companies. We specialise in custom websites that are responsive and mobile friendly. Our websites are an asset to any business and will help your company convert customers to leads. If you are looking for a WordPress web design company for your next project then click here.

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The Six Most Important Skills Of A Web Designer

A web designer is an individual that mastered a broad array of skills to deliver a superior product to the client.


The ability to balance proportions and make them appealing to the eye is a skill every web designer has to master. Only equilibrium of balance on both symmetrical and asymmetrical plane will make the product complete.

Adding color to design can make it or break it and thus being able to add correct colors is something one must learn. Colors will work psychologically on the visitor, so they have to draw people in

Design sense is a product of creativity and a skill every successful web designer has. Being able to think outside the box and come up with designs that will attract visitors is a skill everyone wants.

Implementation of the mobile support is a common thing these days. A website that doesn’t have good mobile support won’t find a lot of success in this age, and thus this is a mandatory skill a web designer should possess.

Project management is an essential skill in every business, including web design. Choosing correct tools, making sure not to breach deadline and a lot of other things rely on proper project management.

Business skills are necessary for the web design business because people don’t value the work web designers do. Being able to explain why the service costs as much as it will make or break a web designer.

Best Web Design Tools, Tips And Tricks

Regular people use Photoshop while web designers opt for Affinity Designer. These two tools are similar, but Affinity Designer is several times better for web design. Nondestructive, adjustable layers are just some things that make this tool a must have in this business.

Antetype is a perfect tool for creation of prototypes of responsive UI. It works both for websites and applications. For a company like us, who work on a wide variety of projects, the Antetype is an essential tool that we use on a daily basis.

Tips To Become A Better Web Designer

CSS is a language that handles the visual appearance, and thus a web developer will use it consistently. Knowledge of the HTML is paramount, but not knowing CSS will make it impossible to create an appealing product. JavaScript, along with CSS and HTML, is a language that is paramount for the creation of a basic website that has interactive areas. Learning other languages is useless without proper knowledge of these three languages and the connections between them.

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“If you have an idea about a website, but you don’t have web design skills (like me), then you should get into contact with Loupeapp. Their pricing is reasonable, and for it, you will get a superior website that will attract visitors. I recommend this company to anyone that needs a money-making website” states Dave.

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“My application just exceeded a thousand downloads, and thus I have to thank Loueapp as they are responsible for its success. I had an idea, and they had professional web designers and tools to turn my dream into reality. And I have to say that they did the job quite splendidly and the price wasn’t extreme” says Rachel.

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“Buying and selling domains is one way to make money online, and the other way is to buy domains and sell them with already built websites. That is what I do. I am in a long-term business deal with Loupeapp as they are the best web design company on the market” says Joshua.

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