You’ve already had your website running for quite a while now, and on the surface of things, all seem to be going well. The graphics are well organized and placed well where they should be, and everything is linked correctly. However, you’ve noticed the bounce rate seems to go beyond belief. It seems that users arriving at your website have been leaving quickly, not to mention in droves. What could be the reason for their immediate flight as soon as they arrive at your website?

Below are likely the factors that you’ve missed that may have put users off and left right away. The good part about most of these is that they are easily rectified. You might find your answer below.

Music on Auto Play

This feature has already faded gradually in the past years, but there are still websites that make use of this. It has a very ugly result to a website. Most home computer users listen to their music; watch television or not having any music at all while browsing online. So a website having a soundtrack of its own is the likely source of annoyance to them instead of joy. For office users, they might have speakers in silent mode, so they will not hear anything at all other than there is the unwanted addition to the loading times. And if they aren’t, the music will be the source of embarrassment for them when it suddenly blares out in front of their colleagues. This is hardly the way you want your potential customers to remember about you and your business.

Scrolling Adverts

This is a trend sometime before and is still being used today. The ones that use this lot are the eCommerce sites. They are those rectangular or square adverts that pop up at the dead center of the screen when you only just loaded an article that you’ve found interesting. It refuses to go away once you have entered your email address or you have clicked on the close button that is usually situated at the top right corner of the pop-up. Avoid using this scrolling adverts. Most people will just bounce off from your site as their principle dictates it every time they see the scrolling advert appear.

Overly Complex Navigation

All the content on a website must be easy to access as much as possible. Visitors want that they should be able to click on the content they desire faster, so getting into a 10-tier menu labyrinths is not going go well with their experience. When a visitor arrives at the homepage for the very first time, all they want to see is the link that directs them immediately to the area of interest. And this should happen within seconds, too. Keep in mind that visitors prefer it fast for them and this will only be applicable when the website is well designed. It is not good for a website that let its user dig deeper, or they will lose interest easily.