The key to converting customers is a beautiful and user-friendly website. Being a business owner, it is important that your website is built the same way that your brick and mortar store has been established. Creating a website is different from the storefront because it is open 24/7 and is always accessible to any customer all over the world. The website showcases the brand of the company and even inform or sell successfully to its visitors.

When you design your website, there are a couple of aspects that are considered more important compared to the others. The latter is more of a compliment to make the website more interactive with the visitors. Good design is not about incorporating almost every cool tool or feature that designing can be done. It is about making good use of its aspects the right way.

Importance of White Space in web design

What white space means here is not only about the ‘white’ space left. It refers the need for a blank space on every page. This will help draw the attention of the viewers to areas that you want them to focus on, and even giving contrast to the page. When this is done right, having white space will help balance out the whole page and even giving it a great upscale tone.


Did you know that there are certain factors in applying colors to your website? The ones that you choose have great impact – way greater than any other factors that are also the same with customers purchasing services or products. Here is a simple guideline:

  • The colors must match the current branding color theme of the business. It must be consistent, not only on the website alone. It should spread in every platform that the business uses.
  • The colors must not be too overwhelming or overpowering. You do not want the colors to cover up the message that you want to convey.
  • The colors must also complement each. When they clash, they become abrasive to the eyes and will trigger visitors to leave right away.
  • For points of interests or Call To Actions, it must be used with bold colors to draw the visitor’s attention to it.
  • The more subtle colors must be used for secondary information or background.
  • The background colors must also work well with the font colors. While it can be fun when playing around with colors, you should not forget about the most important thing about websites – readability of its text.


This refers to how the menu is arranged and how the visitor finds the things easily and guide them where they need to go. This is one of the most annoying things that visitors experience when it goes wrong or not done properly – when they don’t know where to go next. This could be because the information has gotten too congested or they are not labeled properly. Thus it makes it difficult to navigate. Each of them must be labeled clearly so that the people can know when they are going to click on it.