The content of this topic changes every year together with the advancement of technology and new trends. This time, it would be more about the web design trends that are popping up this year. Here’s a few of them.

Quality Website Design

Your website must be designed in a way that is appealing to your customers. It should not be hard to navigate and should allow your customers to find the content they are after with ease. Call to actions will directly your customers to make contact or perform an action resulting in a website that performs and converts your customers to leads. Don’t go over the top with lots of graphics and ensure the website design is responsive and mobile/tablet friendly.

360-Degree video and Virtual Reality

In this day and age, the significance of video marketing is very critical. The demand for video content is rising, too. One of the biggest trends with video content today is the 360-degrees videos and virtual reality, so how about integrating these into your website? A lot of companies today are incorporating these trends into their everyday marketing, and it will only be a matter of time before it will become common and it will be more difficult for you to gain the traction that you need on your website.

Although the 360-degree video and virtual reality are almost similar, there are differences as well. Virtual reality requires the use of the headsets and offers such an immersive experience that the user can control. The 360-degree video offers a kind of experience that doesn’t require it to be viewed on any device. There is no need for headsets, either. This is entirely controlled by the maker of the video. All the user needs to do is sit back and enjoy the whole experience, while the VR experience is entirely controlled by the user.

High-Quality Photography

There is the stock photography, wherein it addresses the needs for various purposes and situations, viewers just like you prefer the high quality and genuine photos over the overused image of people shaking hands wearing business suits. If you are not investing in high-quality photos for most of the images shown on your website, your website will certainly suffer its downfall in the long run.

Research shows that photos including real people increase the conversion rates of the website. While they are staged photos are more professional compared to candid ones, it is important to take note that the audience is composed of real people that can relate to images with real people. You are telling the visitors of your website a story of your brand with the high-quality photography. This way, your messaging sends a very powerful reach.

Extreme Minimalism

Last year, the minimalistic design for websites had grown significantly popular. This year, it has evolved even more, which is even simpler compared to the ones that got trending last year. Outside the circle of being straightforward and concise filled with all the aspects of web design, the extreme minimalism is an idea of utilizing the least amount of anything possible, but still able to convey the message to the visitors.

Depending on the business type or industry you are in, the design trend may not or may work for you and your audience. This is is worth taking a look and also at how others are using extreme minimalism before making any big decisions.